Colony Club Wedding Pictures in Detroit

See some of our favorite moments from Marcus and Marin’s winter Detroit wedding! Colony Club wedding pictures in Detroit, by Jen, Kellie and Aaron. We bet you’ll love this couple as much as we do!

Written with much love by Jen.

The thing that sticks out in my mind the most about Marin and Marcus’ wedding is the first look that we did at Aloft Detroit, which was the hotel where they both got ready at. I was standing there with Marcus, waiting for the ornate elevator doors to open, allowing Marin to step out onto the fourth floor and be seen for the first time by her groom, who was so excited and anxious to see her. Aaron, Kellie, and I were all carefully positioned, as we’d had a little powwow beforehand, figuring out our plan of attack for capturing all of the feels during their first look. You see, the hotel is basically an atrium with an open middle part, with the halls and room entrances in the shape of a square. Kellie was going to capture some photographs from the floor above, with the gorgeous clock right below the fourth floor, and Aaron and I were going to photograph Marin as she walked to the opposite side where Marcus was waiting for her. 

The doors opened, and Marin looked like a real-life princess in her wedding dress, which was actually her mother’s wedding dress with a few alterations. It was stunning. She was stunning. She started walking towards Marcus, but before she could get very far, Marcus looked at me and with a tremble in his voice, he asked me if he could just go to her now and not wait for her to get to him. With a massive grin on my face, I said: “You do you…Go get her!” I think he took off running towards his bride before I even had all of the words out. 
…then the housekeeper wheeled her cart out of the room right next to them as Marcus caught up to Marin. Her eyes widened as she realized what she had just found herself smack dab in the middle of. I don’t think Marin and Marcus even noticed her. The just fell into each other, and you could tell that everything else around them had faded into oblivion. It was only the two of them, and there was no other place that they would have rather been than in each other’s arms. Oh, and the housekeeper made a hasty, yet stealthy exit out of their way. 

That pretty much set the stage for the entire, perfect wedding day. Once we arrived at the Colony Club, the rest of the day flew by in what I can only describe as pure happiness. It is always easy to take Colony Club wedding pictures! Throughout the wedding party photos, the signing of the ketubah and their heartfelt ceremony, then afterward through the Horah and first dances and into open dancing, it was just such a celebration of love. Marin and Marcus were the epitome of happiness and grace, and you could tell just how much their friends and family love them and were happy to be a part of their big day. We had such a wonderful time with everyone as well and want to wish Marin and Marcus a lifetime of happiness. Mazel, you two!