Weddings by Jen


Location: Stony Creek Metropark
Lead Photographer: Jen
Season: Summer
Do we love dogs: OF COURSE WE DO!

We had a blast working with Stacy and Adam taking their engagement pictures at Stony Creek Metropark. When our couples ask to bring their pooch along for their engagement session, we always shout at the top of our lungs YES and YES!!! We love dogs and we know that dog people are GOOD PEOPLE. Most of the time the dogs love us too! I say most of the time because there was that one dog that wasn’t that excited to have her photo taken, but she was a diva, so we’ll just leave it at that. The truth is most of the time we only spend a few moments with the cuties, but they always end up stealing the show. Stacy and Adam’s dog was no exception! Take a look through this gallery of engagement pictures at Stony Creek Metropark and you’ll see smiles, fun, laughter and one flipping cute pooch!

Adam and Stacy’s engagement session was photographed at Stony Creek Metropark by Jen, a lead wedding photographer for Kellie Saunders Photography. KSP team of the wedding photographers are some of the best wedding photographers in Michigan! Learn more about Jen HERE! You can see Jen’s recent blog posts HERE! If you are considering Jen for your wedding, she books about 12-18 months in advance, so please reach out soon to chat about your wedding.

We are creatives, not professional sales people, so aside from some of the cheesy SEO wording we have to use in our blog posts so that you find us, you will NEVER receive a sales pitch, be spammed, get cold calls or feel pressured to book when you talk with us. We only ask that you get to know our personality, creative style, and what some would say our quirky sense of humor, and let us do the same with you. You are hiring a team to be with you on what will be one of the most incredible days of your life. We genuinely want to ensure we are a good fit for you and you for us.