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Detroit Opera House Wedding

Keena and Joe’s Detroit Opera House Wedding on the Roof!

We absolutely adored Keena and Joe’s Detroit Opera House Wedding! The bonus was that it was an Opera House rooftop wedding! We love gorgeous views of Detroit and the Detroit Opera House Rooftop did not disappoint. I wish everyone reading this could get to know Keena and Joe and their fun group of family and friends the way that we did.

Fun from Hello to the Ceremony

From the moment hello’s were exchanged at the Siren Hotel, the room was ablaze with smiles and laughter. We knew the day would be incredible, and that it was! A big smile is still on my face thinking about what fun this group was on the dance floor. They jumped, they danced, they yelled, they laughed, they even waved glow sticks at our cameras. They smiled more than any crew we’ve ever photographed! The Detroit Opera House Rooftop lit up on this night! Never was it more lively.

Rooftop Makes the Difference

Most of the time the Detroit Opera House weddings are inside, and it is absolutely beautiful inside, but Keena and Joe wanted to look out over the city as they exchanged their vows. Because of this they knew when they saw the Opera House rooftop that they found a unique and incredible view of Detroit with this rooftop wedding. Lastly, we are really glad they chose this venue and invite you to see some of our favorite wedding day photos below.

Photographers: Jen, Leah and Kellie
Venue: The Detroit Opera House

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