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Erinn + Cameron’s Ann Arbor wedding photos

CEREMONY: St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church
RECEPTION VENUE: Michigan Union Ann Arbor

Wedding photography provided at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor, by Jen and Kellie, two of Ann Arbor’s best and most FUN wedding photographers!

We love Ann Arbor and any chance we get to work there is always a special time. What made this Ann Arbor wedding day even more special was being able to spend it with such a love filled, genuine, kind and caring couple! The Michigan League is a lovely venue to host a wedding reception and for native Ann Arbor folk, it’s even better! We love our Ann Arbor Michigan League wedding pictures and hope you do too!

Cameron and Erinn (yes, there are two N’s in her name) couldn’t be more perfect for each other. We met them as we do everyone and sometimes our couples blur together after so many years. Every wedding day is special of course, and every couple is special, but after all these years in business we love the fact that we can say there are weddings that always stand out in our memories. This is one of those very weddings. Occasionally the weddings that we remember the most are when crazy things happen, like the time a drunken bridesmaid (who shall remain nameless) fell asleep during her toast or the time a hungover groomsman forgot to bring his pants and had to borrow a guests pants to walk down the aisle – (yes that actually happened and was really funny). Here’s the thing; none of those things happened on Erinn and Cameron’s wedding day, but their wedding will always be one of our favorites. What happened was something even better. We felt as though we weren’t just working for them, but we could bare witness to this union between two people who love each other selflessly and without fail.

Cameron pulled us aside at the reception and told us that he was going to surprise Erinn with a song he composed just for her. We were prepared for him to play the piano, but what we weren’t prepared for what the fact that he had planted several other musicians in the crowd to join in on the composition at different times. As his fingers moved on the keys there was a pause in the melody and everyone heard the soft murmur of a flute joining in. Then, a few moments later we heard a violin as well. The music he created took my breath away and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We aren’t videographers, but we captured some cell photo video to remember this moment by and you can see it on our fb page HERE. Trust us – you need to see this because you will FEEL what we felt!

To Erinn and Cameron, thank you for allowing us to be there and witness such an incredible celebration of your love! Jen and I left with full hearts and big smiles! xoxoxo

Ann Arbor Michigan League Wedding Pictures by Jen. She has over ten years experience as a professional wedding photographer and is classically trained by master photographers. She is one of the best Metro Detroit Wedding photographers – hands down. Kellie Saunders and the team are located in Birmingham, Michigan with work that has been published both locally and nationally in print and online. Her studio serves the entire metro Detroit area and offers wedding photography at it’s best. Each wedding is treated with love, creativity and care. Let us know if you’d like to work with us! We’d love to hear from you!